and Business Training

Couchiching First Nation has a long history of entrepreneurialism and business development. In early Indian Affairs reports regarding Couchiching Agency - there was a lot of discussion about the hard work of members of CFN. With various large projects including the New Gold / Rainy River mine in Treaty 3 territory and the potential restart of the Kraft Mill may bring opportunities for small business and suppliers of trades and industrial support.

We will work with Tribal Finance to provide good entrepreneurial planning and business management support to entrepreneurs in Couchiching First Nation with good ideas, and have a $10,000 community economic development loan program. Tribal Finance has larger loans available as well, to individuals from our community.

Through land use planning, the Highway 11 corridor should also support local businesses because of increased traffic with more and more commercial activity in Couchiching First Nation.


Individual Career Planning

This is key to improve the lives and future of our community members. Ontario Works, Shooniyaa Wa Biitoong and other agencies have provided some information and individuals themselves may add to this by sharing their career plans, hopes and dreams with their community. These hopes, dreams and plans should be the basis of bringing opportunity home.